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10 November, 2007

beauty review: my monave lip glaze

See, I don't put on makeup in the weekdays unless I'm out for a lunch appointment or to meet a client. Having a home office means I've saved time and money on makeup and all. So when the weekends is here, I like to experiment with my mineral makeup palette.

One of my favourites are putting on and mixing lip glosses and colours for the lips. I have some nice lip glosses and glazes from Monave Mineral make up and if you haven't tried mineral makeup, you should. Sharen sent me the mini Mango Glaze and Allure Glaze, both belonging to the family of browns, which happen to be my colour tones. What I like about Monave lip glazes is that they are vegan and give a natural finish. You can wear it on its own for a relaxed weekend and let the bronzer or blusher on your cheeks shine. If you need a little more colour, brush it on top of your lip colour, a light one for the day or a darker shade for the night.

With mineral make up , you can be versatile and experimental. Vegan means it's made without animal by-products, including beeswax and carmine, yet full of sweet shine. Monave has four types of lip products - lip tint, lip gloss, lip glaze and lipstick. According to owner Sharen, "Lip tints give a sheer wash of color to the lips for a natural look. Lip glosses give more color than the tints and they are incredibly long wearing. The lip glazes are the most pigmented of the three and deliver rich colors with incredible shine and moisture."

I can't wait to try out new shades from Monave's lip products selection.

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msnotty said...

I totally love Monave!