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18 November, 2007

toilet training is not fun

This is my third month since I started toilet training Clayton. It hasn't been a very smooth and easy task and I'm a little embarrassed to say that he's still not doing it in the toilet by himself. Sigh!

Many occasions, I had to keep asking him and forcing him to sit in the toilet before it he finally did it. And if he was left playing by himself, he would end up doing the business in the diaper. I must admit that I was getting tired of those 'accidents' cos cleaning up was no fun at all! I felt bad about getting upset with those accidents and often had to remind myself that patience is much needed in this training process. Funny thing is he will go to a corner when he has the urge to poo, even when I'm just by his side. (the above photo is the look I'll see when it's coming!)

I'm hoping that he can at least 'inform' me before every toilet act but so far, this is with little success too. I suppose I just have to keep reminding him and most importantly, be supportive and patient in this whole parenting experience.

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Margret said...

That little boy is so adorable!!