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06 November, 2007

bouts of change in recreation

As far as I could remember, my childhood was a simple one. My brother and myself were ordinary kids who enjoyed playing with our neighbours and we spent alot of time playing outdoor activities. Sometimes, we would sit down for board games and if I could recall clearly, we used to play backgammon together.

But with the bouts of change in lifestyle and technology advancement, a simple childhood game like backgammon is no longer what it used to be. These days, people play backgammon for money. Even now, people can learn how to play Backgammon online at dedicated portal. A site like 1 on 1 backgammon teaches backgammon rules and instructions and even presents related articles and news. For me, I still won't play this game for money. It was a recreational activity I used to enjoy and those were memories that will stay with me for the longest time.

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