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24 May, 2007

Brit women shopping big time

I just read an interesting article on the shopping habits of British women and was shocked by some facts. According to the article, half a million of British women had secretly put their shopping bills on their partners' credit cards and about 2 in 5 lied about their shopping habits... oh no!

Umm, I felt a bit guilty after reading this, not that I'm one of those who need a shopping fix every week but I prefer to keep my shopping spending to myself, especially my credit card bills. With the easy payment of credit cards and the ease of buying online, it is not difficult to end up in credit card debts if you are not careful. Moreover, credit card companies are always extending promotions and rewards that can be tempting, thus increasing your spending, not to mention that 0% Credit Cards are common these days.

If you are a big user of credit cards, it is important to know about how to keep yourself safe from credit card fraud. With online buying on the rise, it is better to take precautions and ensure that your password is kept personal at all times. Always keep a copy of the receipt of your purchase for verifications purposes.

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