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26 May, 2007

It's Saturday - yay!

It's Saturday again... though I work from home, I still like weekends! I only wish Clayton sleeps longer and not wake up at 8plus am.

My mind switched off automatically on weekends. I feel more relaxed and less anxious, it is more psychological than anything. I tend to remind myself that it's weekends and Clayton deserves more time and attention from me.

We had lunch at a new restaurant at One U called SOHO. They appeared in the press some weeks back so it called for a review from us too. The interiors was an immediate attraction for anyone passing by SOHO... minimalist, clean, spacious, white furniture with black accents, black and white graphics, friendly hosts, high ceilings... nice!

SOHO is a Shanghainese Tim Sum restaurant that serves up authentic Shanghainese dishes with a modern twist. The interiors was nicely conceptualized, along with everything else like the menu, cutlery and chairs. Every other chair has a silhoutte of a graphic stylized portrait, very much like the cover of the menu.

I chose a seat by the clear glass windows that looked out to the recreational area of the mall. Reports on the food in another post... I'm getting sleepy.. *yawn*

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