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29 May, 2007

Bollywood or Hollywood?

Interestingly, I seem to have more friends who are fans of Bollywood than Hollywood. It sounds funny but it is true. And in case you think Indian Videos are favoured only by Indians, you are wrong!

My friend, Dexter loves Bollywood and actually, my husband loves watching Indian dance. I must definitely point Dexter to this niche youtube style of Indian video site. The videos in the collection include bollywood, music video, people, places and more. Like youtube, you can capture your own video, upload it and share it with family and friends. Actually, you may stand a chance to win a FREE iPod if your uploaded video becomes the most popular among the viewers.

You can embed it into your blog, post a link or choose your favourites. I took a quick look on the comedy videos and this one called Babby Drummer stood and it was cute!

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