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28 May, 2007

Deal with the negatives

This is a busy day of lunches and dinners with close friends. Dexter had just returned from his honeymoon and we took the time to catch up in a chinese-hakka restaurant. Eliza was back on wednesday from Bangkok and both Tracy and David were back from South Africa yesterday. It was nice to catch up with everyone again...

I had a chat with Tracy on msn the other day and we were talking about will and guardianship. I don't usually like to think about Death insurance but honestly, if anything were to happen to Alex and myself, I would like a good guardian to take care of Clayton, and I just realized we didn't list that in our wills.

I know some people don't like to think of negatives like these things but it is good to be realistic about life - that it is unpredictable and we should not assume that things are always fine and dandy. If you are a parent, have you thought about who will be guardian of your child should anything happen to you?

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