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31 May, 2007

We used to run a restaurant

Few years ago, our dh came back beaming with excitement to tell me that he had just decided to set up a restaurant at a popular landmark in town. I was astounded, loss in words as I wasn't expecting this news.

He was going through some years of challenges of running a bakery franchise then so was looking for another business to turn things around. At that time, I had doubts about this move as we were financially tight, after being married for only a year, and completing our new home. By it was too late to say more as the contract had been signed.

The restaurant was set up within 3 months and as expected, things didn't go as planned. Along the way, the rental was killing our business and after September 11, it went downhill, with a whole lot of employee problems etc. During that time, he was desperate and resorted to applying for an overdraft from a bank. We had bills to pay and salaries to settle every month and the sales weren't enough to cover.

I was worried about the business, paying the loans and naturally it added much strain to our marriage. Looking back, I am so glad this episode of our lives is over and am thankful each day to be freed from those financial, mental and physical burdens of running a restaurant.

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