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26 February, 2011

Settling Well Down Under

As the popular saying goes, "Time flies!" and true enough, it's already the last week of February and we are entering the month of March in a couple days' time.

It's been an amazing month with so much happening. We are quite settled now and I'm glad that Clayton is getting used to Citipointe too. I am thankful that he had a good teacher who is good with active kids and I had observed her lesson on some occasions and have been pleased with her style. The school is very focused on lower primary and they believe in giving the kids a good foundation. I am certain we had made the right choice in sending him to Citipointe.

On the home front, I have been busy with cooking and getting things organized. I have met few moms from school and became friends over coffee and meals. Last week, I started my first lesson in Bible Study Fellowship after being invited by a friend I just got to know from school. It was a good experience as I was introduced to the book of Isaiah. Hubby had attended BSF in the men's group too and we are both learning the same book this year. It is a good opportunity for us to know God's word more as we also network with other Christians from other churches.

I have been doing more cooking than before and eating in is the norm here down under. Last week, i was shocked when I saw the numbers on the digital weighing scale and I had decided to do more exercise since. I may not need OxyElite Pro for now but if I don't keep watch, I may need a weight loss plan soon! I blame it on the desserts after meals and the snacks on the table. It's hard to resist those yummy cookies when you shop in Woolworths or Coles! I can't resist choc chip cookies!

We have been beach hopping every weekend and the weather has been nice. More about our beach hopping in the next post...

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