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24 February, 2011

Shopping and More Shopping

I have been very good since coming to live in Brisbane. I don't go shopping anymore! Other than supermarkets and grocery stores, I hardly go shopping unless I need to buy something for the house or for Clayton.

What I like about here is that I can get decent stuff for the house without spending big bucks. Big W and KMart have lots to offer and shopping in these places taught me that there is no need to buy branded. Big W has lots of good kids clothing and KMart offers lots of good deals every now and then. Target is also a good place to shop but sometimes the stock can be a little dodgy.

That day, I was searching for an adult acne book and found it selling cheap at Big W. That's when I realized that I can buy lots of stuff at good prices in local stores like this. Besides shopping in these stores, I have been buying online from private sale sites and the savings have been rather substantial!

Let me just say that shopping online can be addictive and I'm pinching myself each time I feel like buying something on the web. Sometimes the bargains are so real that you feel that you are missing out if you don't grab it! Maybe I should stop opening those emails and this way, I can curb my shopping habits!

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