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13 June, 2007

tough task on finding the right staff

It isn't easy finding the right candidate to work for these days. Recently, we recruited a telesales consultant and even though she had 10 years industry experience, she didn't seem to fit in our company culture. Dh and myself were discussing and wondering if we should seriously pass the recruitment job to the headhunters in the near future. I was told that A.E. Feldman Associates had 40 years of recruiting experience and they were also known in the recruitment industry for placing successful and suitable candidates in different fields including those in financial services, communications, human resources, legal services and also luxury product industry. For us, we probably look at a communications manager who not only handles the marketing but helps to build public relations and marketing activities within our company. I believe assigning the recruitment task to a professional head hunter is better than picking and choosing the list of interviewees ourselves. This will free us to focus on more important things like creating new partnerships and strategic growth for the company.

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