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13 June, 2007

amethyst bracelet by busarin

Last weekend, after having lunch with Dexter and Kim, we passed by a novelty shop and being women, Kim and myself hoppped right in. I was right away attracted to a lovely necklace made of semi-precious stones and crystals, a nice creation that came with a hefty price tag.

I love semi precious stones jewelry and enjoy buying them but the problem is I tend to forget wearing them. And sometimes, getting on time for appointments is already a struggle so how would I have time to pick and choose my accessories. All WAHM know what I mean.

But never mind, most of us own more than what we can possibly wear! If you, like me, adore amethyst stones and floral inspired jewelry, check out these lovely handcrafted ones by Busarin Hutawarakorm at Novica jewelry (novica.com). This is my personal favourite and it's only $39.95. Find Busarin's bracelet at Novica.com

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