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26 June, 2007

toddler's tales

Most kids love animated toys and interactive games, and especially little boys, they are drawn to sound machines . Clayton dances to music and gets intrigue by things that move. Being an active boy, he's always keeping busy, and at times, gets restless when nothing new is there to stimulate his little mind.

He's been very naughty today. Though I am annoyed with the mess he created in his playroom, living area and our office, I like to understand why he's behaving this way. I gather he must be bored especially when we are both busy. But we've got work to do.

He hurt his feet today. I don't know if it's a sprain cos he keep saying 'pain pain' and walks with a little limp. I'm heartsick and a little worried . I pray that he is all well tomorrow when he wakes up....


J@n!ce said...

Is Clayton's feet ok now? :)

dorischua said...

Yes - he's fine now, Janice - thanks!!