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19 June, 2007

get organized!

Now you can protect your company's assets with NetSimplicity's software. We who are in business need to do Asset Tracking to avoid losses and control our bottom line costings. Whether it is a company size small or large, you can now organize your employees, your company assets, rooms, your valuable equipment and everything else with the useful software. Since it is web-based, you can track it anywhere at your convenience and tracking is done conveniently with a hand held device. At one glance, you can view employees in different floors in a graphical and detailed interface. Increasing productivity can't be easier than this once you have the right system to get everything organized.

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Shawn said...

Is this really great? I'd like to try this out sometime. I'm currently developing a database for hotels or hostels in amsterdam and I'm wondering if this will be useful for that.