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16 June, 2007

real estate social networking nite

It is great to know that the internet has made it possible for us to find a social network of our interest and passion. Actually, when I first became mum, I was actively involved in a nursing moms network and it was from the network that I learnt so much about nursing my newborn. These days, there are social networks for almost any industry - fashion, health, parents, technology, online games, and even real estate.

I have some friends who are in real estate and they are turning to Wanna Network, a social network community that is created specially for anyone in the real estate industry. So whether you are a home insurance agent, broker, real estate investor or trainer, property manager or home loan officier, this social network is a great place to learn, share and interact with likeminded individuals. Being an online member site, this is a place to know more about what is going on in the real estate industry and perhaps discover new business opportunities along the way. I was also told that membership is absolutely free so if any of you is in the real estate industry, check out the site and don't forget to register as a member.

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