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28 June, 2007

Your fabulous life

This sounds like a great meeting place for women from all walks of life to meet together, learn and share ideas on what's happening in town. A new site still in beta test, your free lifestyle membership updates you with the latest styles, stores, food and dining places and pampering spots in town. This is for the fashionable, hip, urban or trendy ones, or anyone who enjoys the pleasure of life of taking a break and a little leisure from the hustle and bustle of daily living.

HerFabLife, as it is appropriately named, updates you with the latest film, show or event in town so you don't need to feel left out if you haven't grabbed the latest lifestyle magazine or event news. Feel free to contribute a new piece of information or be part of the community by sharing your views and comments, cast a vote if you wish. One thing I know, I'll be checking out on the latest stores in town!


IMMomsDaughter said...

Hi Doris, thanks for dropping by and clicking my Creamaid link. Saw that your post got selected but so far no referral from yours though I did get one from another mommy blogger. It's ok, as this is not the first time it happened to me for Creamaid.

Anyway, I am not here to complain. Lol. Just dropping by to say hi & thanks ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi doris,

I'm planning a trip down to sydney and melb end of july...any tips on tours, cheap accomodation etc?

we r travelling with a 2 yr old....


dorischua said...

Immomsdaughter: Ai yo - how come? I did click on your widget tho'... bad system.

Anonymous: Hey, why don't you email me your details and I'll be pleased to help: dorischua AT gmail DOT com