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28 June, 2007

kailua, oahu

I could still remember snippets of Hawaii travel features at Discovery Channel Travel and Living hosted by Samantha some months ago. Actually, I think she has one of the best jobs in the world - sipping cocktails, explore the beaches, volcanoes, visit the shops, meet the locals, be pampered by Hawaiian spas and tasting all the local foods.

I recalled her visit to Kailua where she visited few beading shops and got some customized beaded jewelry done. Kailua looks like a nice place to visit and since we may be renting a car in Oahu, we may take a drive to check out the town for some good food and shopping, and perhaps if time allows, stay in a Kailua home rental, we'll see how. I was told that there are no hotels here but loads of nice and gorgeous vacation homes. Generally, the vacation rental in Kailua is affordable with 1 bedroom beachfront apartment going at $165 per night and a 2 bedroom mountain view is only $199. Not a bad deal considering most properties are found in Kailua beach estate. Well, I'll keep that in mind as the itinerary is underway. Now that there are so many options, it's hard to decide what to do and what we should skip.

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