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25 June, 2007

free and easy

My friend asks me why do I pick Hawaii for our family vacation. Without thinking too much, I tell her it is a beautiful place I miss, a charming island I love to revisit, a climate so temperate , casual ambience, friendly locals, alluring landscape and the relaxing environment.

I have dreamt about this trip for a long time and am seriously looking forward to it. The last time, I was with a tour group so I had no choice but to follow a fixed itinerary and be guided to tourists' hang outs. Time was limited and I didn't have the luxury to relax at my own pace and pick my own Hawaii beach accommodations.

But this time, after reading all the Hawaiian vacation news, I'm prepared to draft out our own itinerary, played our favourite activities, rent a car to explore some off the beaten path adventures, do some island hopping, shop til I drop, take my pick on the restaurants, wake up anytime I like and enjoy my time with the family. This time, I'm free to do what I like and go where I want to go - I can't wait!


bokjae said...

hi doris, haven't seen you and family for weeks now! So seriously, going to Hawaii for holiday? Wow! Great place, went there or Big Island 25 years ago! Cheers!

dorischua said...

wow - that's a long time :)