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16 February, 2009

work at home mom's brief update on the weekends

I would believe that most work at home moms look forward to weekends. I'm one of them for sure.

Last weekends, we had a nice lunch at the new teochew restaurant Chao Yang in One U. Managed by the same group who also owns the Hakka restaurant in the Curve, the food is fabulous and reasonably priced.

Being a teochew work at home mom, I enjoyed the simple yet tasteful Teochew braised duck and stir fried long beans with olive. The plain and smooth teochew porridge with sweet potato reminded me of mom's cooking in my younger days.

Opposite Chao Yang, a new dessert restaurant - My Honeymoon Dessert - had opened up. Those of you who are Hong Kong dessert fans will know Honeymoon Dessert. Sadly, this new Malaysia branch has poor interiors with wallpaper of encyclopaedia pasted on the walls. I don't know what has encyclopaedia got to do with desserts la. We thought having nice blown ups of dessert pictures will draw the foodie crowd but maybe the Honeymoon dessert owners know best.

Coming to the dessert, the work at home mom here didn't think too much of the Tong Yuen (sweet dumplings) - they really tasted like frozen tong yuen lah! I really have to make a trip to Hong Kong this December! It's now back to my negotiation skills with the work at home dad in my home office!

Valentine's day dinner was home made and it was an exception for the work at home mom to open the kitchen on the weekends! We just didn't wanna pay exorbitant prices for our steaks in restaurants.

I spent time fixing transformers and lego blocks with my boy and did managed to cut down the home office stuff for that weekend.

Tranformers 2
will be released in June - for those of you who have boys in the house! Catch the transformers 2 trailers if you are a fan!

That's the work at home mom's brief update on the weekends.... hope yours is well spent :)

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