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06 February, 2009

another weekly update from the work at home mom

It's been a week since Clayton started After School Program and so far, he hasn't complained about those extra hours in school. I am happy cos this means I can spend more time working from home, researching on my online business and taking lunches with DH.

Tonight, my little boy and me had some nice conversations before he went to bed. He wanted me to list the silly things he did and the good things too. We joked, laughed and sang some chinese songs together... these are little pleasures for me while working from home. I'm moving onto a more serious note as far as our online home business is concerned. Being a work at home mom also means that I need to set targets for my home business while making sure that the home affairs are taken care of. I can see that the work at home dad here is working very hard too, trying to balance family, work, business, caring for his mom...etc. This week, this work at home dad celebrated his 45th birthday - we had a mini cheesecake and a home cooked roast dinner. Simple but nice. No frills, nothing fancy but the great company was all it mattered.

This week, I received some valuable advice and encouragement from a good friend who has been jetsetting (is there such a word?) between brissie and china... she's been a wonderful friend who's always ready to hear my rants and musings. Sometimes our opinions differ but we still respect each other's thoughts and that means alot to me. Tonight she gave me a piece of valuable advice. I greatly appreciate it. Once again, I thank God for special friends He put into my lives. There are so many of them.

Moving into the weekends, I can slow down as a work at home mom and do more with my boy. I see ourselves building more legos, flying more helicopters, fixing more coast guard boats and playing some online disney games.

The work at home mom here looks forward to these precious moments together...

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