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19 May, 2008

husbands should be more understanding

Why can't husbands be more understanding and sensitive to their other halves? I have been ill for the last few days, dealing with that fever that comes and goes and just when I feel better today, I need to eat a nutritious meal. I had not eaten well last night since feeding a preschooler was already taken up much of my appetite. Plus, there wasn't seem to be enough to eat or was it the usual side effects of parenting without a maid. You tend to make sure your child gets the food first and you eat last and then by the time you are ready to eat, there isn't much left - know what I mean, mothers? Or either that, the food would be cold and not that tasty. Plus, I wasn't feeling that great to begin with.

So he doesn't think it was a good idea to go to the mall where some of the more nutritious foods can be found like fish porridge, vegetable clear soup, fish soup...etc. Anyways, I told him to go ahead to pack his own lunch and I'd take Clayton out instead. As expected, he changed his mind and decided to join us :) Guess he doesn't like to be left alone :P


bokjae said...

Yeah, we men need to learn much in this area of knowing how to love the other half! anyway, be patient and slowly guide him into it! Men can be really dull coming to such things! Hehe! Hope you get better in the next day or so! Take care!

Bape said...

I always think that I am pretty understanding with my wife. That doesn't mean other mean are. I do beleive most men only here what they want to hear.

Adam Dilip Mutum said...

As guys, I guess we tend to be insensitive sometimes. On the other hand, you husband might just be trying to give his opinion, when you have already made up your mind. The problem is that women sometimes put it as a question. eg, What do you think?" and get angry when the husband answers differently. ;-) From experience.

Hope you get well soon.

Marc Klein said...

Marriage life is depend on both wife and husband.Both husband and wife has to agree on the same issue at most of the time.