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17 May, 2008

fever and sick

Don't know why but I was suddenly hit with a fever yesterday after dinner. The back started to ache and I started to get chills. I was recovering from a cold but had no idea why the fever. I supposed the body was fighting an infection and yes, I jumped onto bed at 10plus - earliest ever!

Woke up to feel better and went BSC for lunch. Alexis was a nice place to hang around and I was surprised that DH actually suggested that since WIP was closed today. I didn't choose my favourite dish since I was recovering from fever but the Vietnamese beef noodles was alright.

A trip to Times bookstore to make Clayton happy sent me chills and body aches again. I knew that I had to head home. The fever was back and I had to sleep it off. Somehow, I'm feeling better except for the back aches now but I sure don't want to spend my weekends in bed :(

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