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12 May, 2008

Why God?

Something very sad happened this morning and the first thing I did was to ask 'Why, God'? It was a deal that was confirmed and on the very last hour, the CEO called it off so there goes the deal. It was frustrating and upsetting. I asked God why He allowed this to happen and it wasn't the first time. It was tempting to ask what went wrong and why was He withholding what I thought was good from us. We were so delighted, and giving thanks on Thursday and this morning, the news brought me tears and lots of disappointment.

There was a still small voice that asked 'What are you made of'? I told Him - I don't know. I'm trying hard to get over the matter. It's very, very painful. I cannot understand why.


Joel said...

Be patient Chua, not everything done by God can be understood by human. Perhaps He is guiding you to another direction to get some other thinsg which are more valuable.

bokjae said...

Many things that happened we will not know why! Sometimes God answers directly, immediately but often, later, much later. Sometimes even years past! In His Wisdom He with-holds the answers only known to Him! On our side it is about 'walking by Faith in Him we must hang-on and trust'. For no other reasons than this, thats what we are made off!