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04 October, 2010

Updates and Updates

The packing has begun and now our house and the home office is showing some mess. For the past couple of weeks, I have been juggling between parenting and work at home plus the major packing for our move.

Somehow, the spring cleaning is enjoyable as I get to throw out some old stuff and rediscover things which I didn't know I have! IT goes to show that there has been much accumulation over the last ten years and it's now time to ditch and start all over. Amidst my very busy schedule, we are spending time with friends over dinners and doing lots of catching up before leaving. It feels like yesterday that I had moved here and in two months, a new journey awaits in down under. I believe that we will enjoy Brissy and the new beginning will be a wonderful one. I am absolutely positive about the change and my heart is all ready to adapt to the new challenges.

Our seminar is leading up in three weeks' time and this is the first time I didn't make any calls to anyone about the program. Over the last six years, I have enjoyed running seminars but somehow, I'm losing the zeal and interest. It's probably because I am ready to pack and leave or it's probably time for a change. For the first time after seven years, I don't liaise with hotels, order any promotional products or talk to any clients. I do enjoy talking to my clients and it's nice to network with different people. But things are different this year!

So much for change and the new journey, I'm praying that Clayton have a speedy recovery and that he's back to his bubbly nature again. It is so tiring when a young child is ill at home....

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