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29 September, 2010

Work at Home and Packing Up

My vacations are over and now, it's back to reality and I need to get back to work at home.In the next two months, I won't have much time for my online business except for clearing some assignments. It's good that I can still make money online and that's the dream of many stay at home mommies.

I detest the postal system here in Malaysia, simply because I can't even buy a padded envelope from the post office!! I mean, shouldn't the post office provide a one-stop shopping experience to today's customers? As such, I prefer to send online gifts to overseas friends instead of mailing a gift. First, I don't need to worry about the expensive shipping costs and next, I don't need to wait in queue to post my parcel. To those who love to shop for gifts online, check out the Sneak peak at RedEnvelope holiday sale. This is a good site if you are at a loss of what to buy for a birthday or anniversary gift. What more, you don't need to head down to the post office!

On the home front, I've started packing though the pace is slow. I need to speed up in the next few weeks so the stress is lessened. It's seems overwhelming to pack all that we have but I guess I just need to take it one step at a time. It's a good progress and I'm filled with much excitement and anticipation.

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