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05 October, 2010

On the Move to Down Under

In two months' time, we should be handing over the keys and by then, everything else should be in the container. I'll then take a break from a work at home mom till we settle down in brissy. The excitement is certainly buillding.

I've been looking at realestate.com.au for rental availabilities while keeping track of rental rates. I'm praying that we'll find a good property before the new year so that we can settle down fast and have our container shipped over.

There've been lots of property seminars and talks going on this year and unfortunately these properties are usually not the cheapest in the marketplace. On the investor point of view, they seem attractive but a real investor should be looking for fire sale or better deals such as Duck foreclosures. Hubby thinks this is not a good time to invest and the prices should correct when there's another interest rate hike.

While buying a property may not be our immediate plan, it's still good to monitor the prices and do our research in the first year. By then, I'll be back as a work at home mom in our new home office and hopefully I can have a work desk facing a bushland, park or a good view.

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