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05 October, 2010

Packing and Throwing Out

In the last few days, hubby and myself managed to pack away three boxes of clothing to be given to either the Lifezone or Salvation Army.

Many of the discarded clothing are in very good condition but after sorting out what we should keep and what we shouldn't, we decided that we should only give things that are in good condition. It's no point giving to others what's of no use to them. The thing is, after packing away three boxes, there are still more to give away. I've learned to buy wisely from now on!

My hubby was so efficient in clearing the storeroom yesterday... I was utterly impressed! He did such a good job and now, I'm left with only the little sections to pack and clear. Clayton has been doing a nice job in packing away toys he wants to give away. He is the happiest person in this packing project. This boy is about to celebrate his birthday this Saturday and he's recovering from a fever and cough.

There are a few other errands to take care off before our move. I'd need to list down those important things as DH isn't good in these family affairs. I'll probably leave him to handle some home office start up matters when we settle down in Oz but for now, I won't stress him with details. I'm thankful that the web is providing me lots of useful resource and I can even check out rental properties from where I am. Whether it's NC health insurance or any Australian healthcare info, the web has everything I need at this moment.

I'm glad that things are looking good and the packing continues right until the movers come in to help.

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