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28 April, 2007

Educational toys for children

I'm very selective when it comes to buying toys for Clayton. I mean I've never taken interest in children's toys til I became a mum, and I think it is quite common for most people. These days, I will take time to browse through the toy shop and choose only those which I think will benefit him as a growing boy. For instance, I won't buy a toy pistol or plastic sword for him. Personally, I think this will encourage the onstart of violence especially they are at an ignorant age of understanding the danger of such 'real' devices.

Educational toys are an attraction to me, especially those that help to stimulate and challenge his mental abilities. Personally, I would buy him these fun science kits which encourage his sense of curiosity and are educational by nature. Let's look a couple of these educational toys which I found this morning.

At an age where Clayton's vocabulary is exploding so fast, he's learning about bridges, rivers, rocks, cars, construction vehicles trains...etc. This set of Amazing Bridges will help him understand what bridges are architecturally like and their multi uses. Of course, daddy may need to help with the construction but this is where learning really begins too, when there is interaction from parents.

Another that fancies me is this Space Station Crystal Kit. I love the vivid colours of crystals and what a better way to teach Clayton the language of colours. He can now differentiate the common colours: red, blue, gree, black, white, pink, brown..... so these growing crystals will be exciting for him, especially when he watches them grow!

The crystal kit comes with a CD-ROM which makes it a perfect educational video to teach him the wonders of sparkling crystals.
After all, children love sights, colours, sounds and the awesome sense of touch.

What kind of toys do you buy for your children?

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