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19 April, 2007

Shoes, shoes, shoes...

I can't resist shoes... especially those I truly adore - for its comforts, designs or simply being unique and different.

I've got 6 pairs of Crocs - 2 Beach, 1 Off Road, 1 Niles, 1 Mary Janes and the most recent addition, a Prima. Don't tell my DH!

I'm that sort of person who can be loyal after a label for a long time. My adoration for Camper shoes is such. I just found out during my last trip to Singapore that the Camper shop is closed for good, I think :(

I'm browsing Camper e-shop again... I smell temptations... my brother in law is coming back from US, he does a good job in being my errand man (*giggles*). Even if you are not a Camper shoe lover like me, you should take a look at their cool website - it's creative, funky, fun and very artistic...

Just to assure you - this is not a sponsored post :)

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