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29 April, 2007

Do you need a dehumidifier?

All this while, I have thought that I have a sensitive nose and never bother much about checking for allergies. But last year, my blocked nose got so bad that the ENT had confirmed that I had an allergy called Rhinitis of Post-nasal drip.

I just read that excessive humidity can cause the increase of dust mites and that got me worried. I live in a hot climate with relatively high humidity and during those hot seasons, I would try to stay in the air-conditioned room to avoid excessive perspiration.

It often gets worse during those warm nights as the room becomes stuffy and makes me feel uncomfortable. A whole house dehumidifier seems to be a good solution to a good night sleep and my allergy problems. Dehumidifiers are also available in small and portable ones if you live in an apartment or smaller unit.

If you like to know more about dehumidifiers and understand how it can benefit you and your household, visit DehumidifierTips.com where you will also be shown what kind of dehumidifier is suitable for you.


Anonymous said...

Dear Doris,

Is there anyway I can get in touch with you via email? Instead of posting here which is quite public.


dorischua said...

Hi Gail, I tried replying to your email but it was not in existent. Do leave me another email address and I'll contact you.