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20 April, 2007

Get creative with customized flip flops!

Using sandals or flip flops for fundraising? This must be a cool and creative thought! I've seen people using T-shirts to raise funds for good causes, charities and NGOs but not flip flops.

Bagus has been a specialist in customizing flip flops for companies, associations, schools or individuals for nearly 20 years. With a variety of colours, modern designs and sizes, these flip flops are perfect for corporate gifts, team branding, event giveaways or even fundraising! Imagine organizing a treasure hunt and sponsor the participants with a customized flip flop with your company's logo and brand name - everyone will be walking with your 'brand' around - what a great advertising tool! Many companies have used these flip flops as creative fundraising ideas!

What's unique about Bagus is that the minimum orders can be low and you can be assured of superior service and reliable support. Besides, the order process is simple: just choose your sandal, specify the colours, size, submit your logo and place your order!

Bagus even suggests an innovative way to print your logo - at the sole of the sandal! Though it sounds like a cool idea but some companies may not like their logos to be 'stepped' around... it's just my opinion. But hey, it's your customized flip flop - it's your choice, really.

But know what, I really like those flip flops - they are so trendy, cool, hip and stylish - great for beaches!

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