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24 April, 2007

Creative trade show booths

We are in the seminar business for the last 5 years and enjoying every bit of the work, despite the stress during the marketing months. In the last couple of years, DH and myself made the effort to visit exhibitions and trade shows to keep ourselves abreast of the industry and business developments, so that we can understand the trends of the marketplace better.

I was a graphic designer in an exhibition company for my first job which taught me many aspects of trade show booth designs and spatial displays. I worked closely with exhibition designers to come out with graphics for the exhibition walls, lightboxes and display booths. I had fun meddling with 3-D graphics and enjoyed the thrill of seeing my work in live display.

Trade Show Booths are becoming more creative and versatile these days. Depending on your display needs, you can choose from a wide array of designs and most of them can be assembled easily and portable enough to be carried from one trade show to another. This is cheaper than paying a designer to design an one-off exhibition booth which can only be used once, and be discarded once the booth is dismantled.

A Spacestation portable pop-up system is attractive and one of the nicest display booth. Besides being lightweight and portable, you can achieve a different look by adjusting the face panels. Even poster stands come in various creative designs and styles these days. The slide-in frames are useful with the flexibility of re-usage and are easy for self-installation. This is more cost saving than getting your posters custom-framed, in which case, you may not be able to reuse the frame again.

What's often overlook is that a trade show booth with a professional finish can affect the branding and corporate identity of the company. Even the choice of banner stands, poster stands and booth furniture can give your company's image an additional boost! Thus, it is important to choose the right booth to lend the company a good image and impression to the visitors present in the exhibition.

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