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21 April, 2007

It's a tag on: My Last Post

I was tagged by Shopping Mum on a serious and 'tough' one on My Last Post...

Well, let's assume I know well ahead of time to be prepared for this... so I would like to:

• donate my organs
• ask that DH take good care of Clayton
• tell Clayton I love him and he's the best gift from heaven
• ask Clayton to be a good Christian and love God with all his heart
• tell my mother, brother and DH that I love them and I want to see them in heaven
• invite my mum and brother to know Jesus - He's the truth, the way and the life
• ask my brother to take good care of my mum that she has a happy retirement
• give part of my savings to my mum and charities

• thank these wonderful friends of mine who played such a big part of my life. I want to them to know that I love them and appreciate them: Yarris, Suat, Debra, Tracey, Judy and family, Raymond Lee, Daniel Chua, Dayna, Pas Lim & Pas Marion, Tracy Tan & David, Kim Meng, Eliza & Jason, Shirley & Stan Walker, Bro Cheong & Sis Rock, Rosalind Lo and many others who have been such a blessing to my life, who have loved and accepted me for being me.

• thank all my friends in the blogosphere - you add meaning to my online world

Ok... I'm not sure if anyone likes this tag but if you are tag and you don't like to do the post, I won't be upset... after all, it can be a 'sensitive' post to some :)

Sesame (If you have time, ok?)
Bro Bokjae


Jenny said...

Ew, I could never donate my organs. I know I'm dead and gone and I won't know the difference, but something about it just creeps me out.

dorischua said...

jenny: Ya.. I can understand that :)