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28 April, 2007

Kudos to Clayton again :)

Whew... the weekend is coming and I am looking to a time of rest, rest and rest. This has been a busy week with Clayton is the house every afternoon and I am almost pulling out my hair! I wonder where his energy comes from some times!

But I am comforted that he comes back with another box of completed Mandarin cards today. He has, in other words, learnt how to read about 100 Mandarin characters! I couldnt' believe it when I saw those cards... I never know he can read these words!

This just proves to me that a child's mind is like a sponge - it absorbs and it absorbs till the water just kept dripping.... it's amazing! See, I'm not a super mom or one of those 'kiasu' ones... his progress is an encouragement for me but I have never stressed him to learn and master these words. I believe learning should be fun and not be forced.

Looking back, Clayton has been to Baobei for almost 9 months and 300 Mandarin characters, to me, is a real achievement for a 2.5 year old :) Yes, I'm beaming.

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