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20 April, 2007

Planning your travel online

In two weeks' time, Dexter will be getting married. I'm so excited for him and his wife-to-be... I'm sure he's so busy with his planning for the big day and his upcoming honeymoon.

They will be touring Italy, Rome and Paris right after their wedding. Knowing Dexter, he's one detailed chap who would do his research thoroughly and plan out his itinerary in details. Initially, he was looking into an all inclusive honeymoon vacation where all accommodation, tours, activities, food and sight-seeing were included in the package. He was hoping that he wouldn't need to worry about 'anything' on his honeymoon so an all inclusive package would be like an ideal choice.

Dexter has done most of his research online and these days, vacation websites are comprehensive with details, photos and information of your travel destination. A travel booking site like Vacations.net offers attractive hotel rates with reviews of real travelers to help you make better decisions in your travel plans.

Like Dexter, I'm one person who can't make any travel plans without digging into my research online. What about you? Do you plan your travel online?

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