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24 April, 2007

Parenting teens in the 21st century

Being parents of the 21st century is certainly challenging these days. I witnessed it with my own eyes as I thought about my design students who fell between the age group of 16 -15 years old. The rising rate of troubled teens at that age group tend to experience problems related to peer pressure, emotional instability and parental disagreement. At this age where teens fight for independence and freedom of space, they don't like intrusion from parents or guardians into their private lives.

Yet for some parents who seem to be at wit's end in dealing with a troubled teen, some can considered Wilderness Programs For Troubled Teens as an option. It is important to understand the pros and cons before deciding on sending your teen to a program like this as not all may be suited for the programs available.

Parents must also not think that sending a difficult teen to a wilderness program is an easy way out to ease themselves of parental responsibilities or duties. In any case, do consult a counsellor who can assist you in finding the right solution or program for your child.

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