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28 April, 2007

Cherishing fond memories...

I've been pretty melancholic lately and in between my chores, parenting and blogging moments, I would think about some snippets of the past.

Today, I recalled my first visit to Melbourne 13 years ago, also around this time of the year. That was my first time in down under and I was excited, delighted and almost intoxicated. Added to these positive emotions, I was looking forward to visit my boyfriend (now my 'ex)!

On the second day upon arrival in Melbourne, we drove to Great Ocean Road and if I could recall clearly, it also coincided with his birthday. The twelve apostles were beautiful, awesome and the coastline in Victoria was ruggedly charming. I fell in love with the ocean, the blue waters, bright skies and rolling waves. I remembered that the weather was stormy on that night in Lorne but thank God we made it in his old Mitsubishi Colt.

That trip was my first experience with horse riding and I got addicted since! He got my itinerary all planned and I visited all the nice places, ate all the good food and had the best times of my life. While he attended classes, I would be having a ball of a time in Melbourne Central shopping with Ken Done and RM Williams as my favourite hideouts.

I love St Kilda and the charming Sunday markets. Since that trip, I had been there 5 times (I think) with different company on different trips. But the lovely ocean waters still looked the same each time except that in the last two years, I noticed that the shops had become trendy, the streets buzzing with more life and there are more modern cafes along St Kilda road.

I think I can go on and on... but then, I have to stop somewhere. Those are fond memories of mine and they will stay for the longest time. They remind me of the good times I had with friends, the wonderful moments that linger, and most of all, they remind me of my journey in life and my growth.

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