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12 December, 2009

Back To The Home Office After Vacation

After two weeks of being away from my home office, I'm back again. For me, it is a good time cos I can get away from the normal routine, even though I fell ill during the trip.

Not too sure why but I'm feeling a need to take a break from things. I want to get out of this country and I'm tired of many things. Slow internet connection, inefficiency, polluted air, to name a few. I feel mentally relieved each time I'm back in my mom's home though I need to bear with her nags and set ways.

This trip, it's not so much of a 'vacation' of shopping and eating but slowing down, taking time to feel comfortable of the place, the lifestyle in down under and my personal sentiments. Clayton was very happy in the bush, roaming about with his butterfly net and chasing Scud among the trees. He misses his cousins in Toowoomba and had a great time with them even though they are a little younger than him.

Some people prefer to go far for vacations, hopping from costa rica to the exclusive islands. But for me, it can be just some peace and quietness in a house tucked in the bush, with only voices of kookaburras. If only there's some rain, the wallabies will be dancing in the bush. But I'm sure I'll see them someday when I revisit the bush again.

So it's now back to the mundane of work, parenting and the regular work flow in the home office. And yes, it's the weekends, time to unpack everything before another packing for our Taiwan trip.

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