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21 October, 2007

here's another internet marketing blog

All of us have some blogs we will visiting on a regular basis to keep us updated on topics of our interests, whether it's updates and news of shopping, technology, gadgets, travel, recreation, sports, health or internet marketing. Lately, I have been so swamped with work that I hardly blog walk like I used to. But today, I had the pleasure of discovering an internet marketing blog which focuses on internet marketing news, tips and information. As always, I like to find out the author/s of the blog before reading on.

Allinanchor.com is maintained by the team of internet marketing experts at Active Internet Marketing whose services include online marketing campaigns, total web solutions, SEO and much more. The articles in the blog are geared towards interesting highlights on what's in and around the web which includes but is not limited to internet marketing and SEO. You can read articles on brand management, technology and marketing, which are written in a practical and opinionated light. This is not a blog that lists down the dos and don'ts or long list of tips and guides in internet marketing. In fact, the blog is calling for contributors who have a pool of knowledge to share in internet marketing. But don't worry, you will be paid if your articles are content rich and satisfy the requirements.

So how about taking some time to check out allinanchor.dot.com? If you have a topic to suggest in this internet marketing blog, feel free to drop them a comment. For me, I would love to read some testimonials and experiences of those who have made it or broke it in their internet marketing journey.

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