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04 January, 2010

Work at Home Mom in 2010

It's a new year, a new beginning that brings new hopes, dreams and aspirations for all of us! I'm not 'big' on setting goals on a New Year but yes, I do set my mind to achieve a list of things. This year, I will continue to work at home as I foresee a busier schedule with the move in place by the end of 2010.

With the change in the kindy hours this year, I will have more time in the home office to complete my work before Clayton comes home. This is going to be exciting for him as he starts K2 before starting Year One in Christian Outreach College in Brisbane.

We have yet to decide if we should organize another event this year before the big move. Personally, I'd rather focus on my online business but I'll go along with the situation anyhow. There will be much to do especially with the packing and preparing myself psychologically to live in a new city. But it's something I look forward to.

The last trip to Brisbane was a short but good prep for me emotionally as I haven't been back to down under since 2003. I managed to get a few things in place - opening a tax file, a bank account, taking a tour in COC and looking around in the brissie neighbourhood. To live in a big state like Queensland, you need get a list of good emergency contacts such as 24 hour towing, medical assistance...etc.

So the new year is here and the work at home mom warms up the momentum in the home office!

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