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17 January, 2010

Work at Home Mom and the Spirtual Side of Things

I'm excited to enter into the second week of school. And in fact, I'm looking forward to February when Clayton's After School Program will commence. This is such a great program for work at home moms cos it's hard to work with such many distractions!

It's been a good week. It took a few days to re-train Clayton to wake up on time, have breakfast and zoom to school on time too. I dislike the morning traffic and yes, I've got to wake up early now, no more sleeping in. Sigh!

I'm trying to sleep a little earlier so that I won't need more eye treatments for those eye bags. Some of my mommy friends are constantly searching for acne remedies with stress being the blame. On the spiritual side of things, this is going to be an exciting year and I am claiming the promise of God's favor for 2010, the theme of GTPJ. This is the year of favor! I must believe it and I must stand on His promise! On the spiritual front, I need to buck up and go back to the basics of praying and reading His Word more. One will argue that a work at home mom should have no problems with this. But actually, the daily chores and life's demands can sometimes overwhelm my earthly being that my spiritual priorities can be shelved.

Beginning the New Year with new goals in place bring me hope and motivation. I desire to be a more balanced work at home mom this year as I continue to trust in the Almighty. I'm all ready for a good year, a blessed year!

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