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12 January, 2010

Back to Home Office - Internet is Up!

sunset in Taiwan

Finally, my internet connection in the home office is up and running after two long weeks! Well, it has been bad since we got back from Taiwan and finally, it's up tonight. As such, I managed to upload my Taiwan trip photos in Facebook... it's been so long!

Now that school has started for most kids, work at home moms can now have the peace of mind when they get down to their home businesses. Whew! Is that a relief or what? I do enjoy spending time with my boy during the school holidays but at some point, he was getting bored from lack of activities and became very disruptive. It can be irritating on some days. Boys will always be boys. They need stimulation, play time, attention, adventure, activities.... oh dear, it's hard to keep up to his demands when I'm a work at home mom! So December was an unproductive month for me as far as home office work is concerned. But now that we are in the New Year, it's time to get back to business!

I was looking through a friend's recent wedding photos and he was looking so good in his tuxedo suit. That reminds me that this year is our 10th year wedding anniversary. I am hoping that we can go to Hokkaido for a little celebration but it's still too soon to talk about it now.

Well, in two weeks' time, I would have more time in the home office when after school program begins for Clayton. He is looking forward to it and so do I. That's it for now... I better get some work finished while the internet is up and running!

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