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20 January, 2010

Vitamins For Work at Home Moms and Kids

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While speaking to some stay at home moms the other day, I realized that much of my parenting concerns were similar with nature with the rest. Because I'm a mom who earn money from home, I am sensitive to my child's health, which means I tend to spot his first sign of cold and cough.

Mommies who work in the corporate world have difficulties attending to their children when they are ill, simply because they can't be excused from work whenever they want. Often times, they have to leave that job to their caregivers such as domestic maids, parents and nannies... not something they love to do but simply because they have little choice.

To keep sickness at bay for myself and my child, I make sure we both have our daily multivitamin regularly. Sometimes I get too busy with work that I can miss a day or two. But as soon as I remember, the routine is restored. Some may argue that vitamins aren't necessary cos we can get them all from food. The question I would ask is: Do you get enough vitamins from the food you ate? And if you do, the cooking methods may have destroyed much of those vitamins.

Work at home moms or not, supplementing your child with the right vitamins can be beneficial, as long as you don't overdo it. My son loves the gummy vitamins that I gave him daily. My famous advice is, when in doubt, always seek the advice of a healthcare professional or read up reliable health information from books or the web.

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