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31 May, 2010

Work At Home Pondering on Internet Age

As powerful and useful as the internet can be in today's fast paced world, we ought to be careful when it comes to internet security. Whether you are a work at home mom or not, you should protect all your email and website accounts by updating your password on a regular basis.

Few days ago, I received an email from an acquaintance seeking for some urgent monetary help and in the email, she was said to be robbed to gunpoint and not having a penny to get home. A look at such email will tell you that it is all fake and someone had hacked her email account. I sincerely hope that no one will be naive enough to send money to the account number in the email.

I can't deny that the internet has become an important for me as a work at home mom as my business depends on it. But sometimes, I think I need to step away from being connected and remember how I used to lead my life before. I wouldn't want to become addicted to the internet or feel uneasy when connection is disrupted. Infact, I do feel 'lost' when the internet was down for 2 days a week ago. I read that some teens become depressed when they become too dependent on social networking sites. They chat, make friends and enjoy their circle of virtual friends that if you remove them from this circle, they can sink into depression. For more info on such treatment, click here.

So as we enjoy the convenience and power of technology, let's not become 'addicted' to the internet for surely life must contain a balance of old and new.

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