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14 May, 2010

Weekly Update From the Work at Home Mom

A friend from Adelaide had just reminded me that our move is around the corner. Actually there are still 7 months to go but we are excited to kick start our work at home business in a new place.

The week had gone fast and I was busy doing chores, finishing up work in the home office and spending quality time with little junior when he comes home from school. It's becoming a routine that we will play a round of Monopoly every afternoon and he is getting rather good at the game! I lost a few rounds in a week and the lesson learned in every game was: Buy and Invest in Properties!

That brings me to a constant update on property outlook at realestate.com.au. I'm hoping to rent in Carindale Solito homes. 100m to Westfield shopping centre - I think I like that convenience! Then again, it's all about timing so I need to pray that everything will happen at the right time, at the right place.

Healthwise, I've been good except for this stuffy nose which I believe is caused by the drastic weather change. It's hot and humid half a day and heavy clouds with rain the other. I don't like this weather. Because I'm a work at home mom, I'm very particular about the air condition in the home and office. So hopefully we won't need so much air condition in Brisbane. That means less allergy problems including sinusitis and eczema.

Enough for this post update, I'm glad we have confirmed our Bali trip and choosing the villas was fun. It's a break from the regular routine of home office duties and I'm now looking forward to a longer sleep tomorrow!

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