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20 May, 2010

What's Going On Out and About the Home Office

I can't help but follow the news from my humble home office on what's going on around the world.

The Europe crisis plus the chaos in Bangkok is causing so much unrest and anxieties among the nations and sometimes you wonder when are things going to rest. It is easy to discard these global issues when you work from home cos you are shut from the noises and effects of bad news. But it is important to stay informed.

Back to the home office, DH and myself have been watching some online training videos on video marketing. DH is hoping to incorporate some of the learning points in our new business in Brissy and I have to appreciate him for his efforts. I was just told that some of our relatives will be away for Christmas but it didn't bother me a bit cos we'll be too busy with home search and settling down by then.

Since the weekends is approaching, some of you might be searching for some online shopping sites. A friend referred me to Reebonz and it's a private shopping site for discounted luxury bags and apparel including Gucci, Prada, TODs, Fendi and more. All events will last only for a short time so you need to check out fast if there's something you like.

That's it for today and I'm logging off while it's storming outside of my home office.

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