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17 February, 2008

vegas again - the city that never sleeps

As far as my memory can recall, the impression I had of Las Vegas is that it is a city that never sleeps.

Though my trip to Vegas was dated 13 years ago, I could recall my admiration of the beautiful hotels and architecture of all the buildings. Many hotels have thematic designs and I believe that over the years, more chic, grand and luxury hotels have been added to the fold.

What I did have the chance to do at that time was to attend some of the Las Vegas Shows which I was told were the highlight for most tourists. Whether it's a circus, a concert, comedy or broadway musical, Vegas has lots to offer and it's just a happening city every corner you turn to! And for a shopper like me, the shopping scene and the factory outlets will be the highlight for my trip.

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erp said...

if i go to vacation i prefer more to mother nature view than the big city :)