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17 February, 2008

a family oriented and meaningful weekend

It was a slow Sunday for me - restful, easy and peaceful. Clayton woke last at 1am last night and told me 'he didn't know how to sleep'. I guessed he couldn't sleep back cos he slept at 7ish last night! Being a practical mom, I took him to his playroom and told him to spend some time reading til he got tired again.

He had a new book shelf that afternoon and couldn't wait to enjoy his 'library'. DH finally decided to pack all of Clayton's books into a new bookshelf we bought from Ikea and I was so glad he did that. Now, Clayton would spend more time in his room picking out his old books which was a good thing.

We promised to take him to the park yesterday and since our plans were cancelled due to the rain, we got round to it this evening. He managed to ride for a while and played at the playground before the rain came again. I wasn't too pleased that we were drenched since DH ignored my earlier warning about the rain. Sometimes, I wonder why won't men listen to their wives. I only think they like to learn things the harder way.

So that was my weekend... simple, family-oriented, relaxed and meaningful. How's yours?

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