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18 February, 2008

when long sightedness hits

They say that when you hit 40, the next thing to worry about is the commencement of long sightness. The Chinese calls it 'Lao Hua Yan' or 'Lou Fa Ngan' in Cantonese. When DH discovered that his vision was blurry at near distances, he was depressed for a while. He didn't like the idea of using low vision aids nor did he like one of those 'lau fu zi' glasses. After making too many mistakes in typing emails and documents, he gave in to a new pair of long sighted eyewear.

For some of us, we care about wearing that drooping eyewear cos it makes us look 'old' or mature. I'm not sure how I'll cope with it when the time comes for me to need an eyewear for this reason but when it happens, I like to make sure I'll all cool about it. For now, I do pray that this day can be delayed as long as possible. Can you remember those feelings when you were told that you had long sightedness or Lao Hua Yan or Lou Fa Ngan?

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