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20 February, 2008

spare the rod and you spoil the child

As the popular saying among parents goes, 'If you spare the rod, you spoil the child' and I believe this is also biblical too. I'm one of those who believe in using the rod but with good reason and care. Always remember not to whip out the cane when you are HOT with anger cos you can go overboard with it. Also, use the rod on the buttocks as this is the area that has the most flesh so the 'marks' will not stay long. I don't quite believe in caning legs and hands and broadcast to the child's friends and teachers that he's been disciplined.

This morning, Clayton messed up his new library and threw all his books on the floor, plus his puzzles and toys. The mess was so bad that he got a few stripes on his tushy. After what happened, he was asked to arrange the books properly again with help from momma. This was one of the rare occasions he got so many stripes, it was usually one or two times on his palm. But this one was serious. Anyways, I made sure that he understood what went wrong and why his tushy had to suffer.

Then we ended up with hugs and I believe in loving the child back after a session of discipline. Do you believe in using the rod too?

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